In such a fast paced world, sometimes it’s hard to take a step back. When you’re running from school drop off to work, the PTA to a board meeting, relaxing can seem like the last on your list of priorities. But it’s actually more important than ever! If you don’t take the time to reflect and recharge, then you’ll never have time to renew.

Here are three great ways to kick your feet up for a little R&R:

1. Take a bath
Nothing is more relaxing than a nice hot bath with some lavender essential oils. Lavender has long been known as a calming herb. Sprinkle a few drops of pure lavender oil into the tub and let the heat of the water relax your muscles while the smell of lavender relaxes your mind. If lavender isn’t your thing, rose is another herb known for it’s calming effects.

2. Read
Sometimes you just need to force your brain to unplug, and sitting in a hot bath won’t quite do it. You’ll sit in the water and let your mind race. Reading is a great solution to rest your brain. Let your mind be occupied by something other than work, to-do’s and family obligations. Jumping into another world for an hour can give you a fresh perspective when you hop back into your own.

3. Exercise
A healthy body aids a healthy mind. Exercise is just as important for your head as it is for your heart. Dedicating an hour to yourself for a workout is key to recharge. Whether it’s yoga or spinning, running or Zumba, getting your heart rate up decreases cortisol and increases endorphins – the feel- good chemical in your body.

So take some time for yourself, slow down and unwind. Feeling refreshed will help you stay balanced and keep you in the right mindset to tackle everything you’re juggling, superstar.