Although we don’t like to admit it, life tends to circle around work. The average work year is about 260 days. Should our style be limited to only the other 105? We don’t think so. At Belldini, we design all of our clothing and plus size clothing to make women feel confident in their style. Here is our list of how to incorporate your style into your work wardrobe.

Consider your optionsplus size clothing

The first step in incorporating your style into your business wardrobe is figuring out when and where you can show off your style. Consider your workplace’s dress code and your daily calendar.

How far can I venture out of the ordinary? What’s appropriate? Who will I be meeting with today?

Ask yourself these questions before piecing together your outfit. Not all office situations support a bright and sparkly wardrobe. At Belldini, you know we’re all about sparkle and shine, but a meeting with a conservatively dressed CEO may not always be the best time to start.

Bring in some color

Not everyday needs to be so black and white! The key to maintaining your professionalism while showing off your colorful style is picking one colorful piece and pairing it with neutrals. How far you expand your color scheme really depends on your workplace.

Experiment with textures

Tweed is an office classic, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Jackets and blazers come in tons of colors and patterns that can add a pop of style to your work wardrobe. How much color you add is up to you, but the possibilities are endless!

plus size clothingAdd in a print

Print pieces are great for your work wardrobe because of the wide range. Monochrome prints can fit into most outfits without bringing much attention to your outfit. Bright prints and floral prints are perfect to show your style in a more casual work environment. Try a color block, striped, or floral blouse with a neutral pencil skirt or classic pant. Print dresses are also great for a spring office wardrobe!

Incorporate statement pieces

Use statement jewelry to enhance your outfit and show off your style. Pair a neutral top with a statement necklace or bold earrings. If jewelry isn’t part of your usual style, try a top with an embellished neckline to make your look unique. Shop our collections of tops and plus size clothing for tops with sparkling necklines.