Spring is around the corner and it brings flowers, more sunshine, and a need to refresh your wardrobe. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult with our guide!

Accept that you shouldn’t keep everything. Getting rid of clothes that you’ve had forever is difficult, but just think of all the room you will have for more pieces!


Start by opening up your closet and taking some inventory.

What pieces haven’t seen the light of day for a couple of years? Also take note of clothing that you’ve been holding onto, in the slight chance that you will one day wake up four sizes smaller. Start pulling clothes out and organize them into “keep, toss, and donate”.  Go through each piece one by one so nothing goes unnoticed.

plus size clothing

Pick a timeline to stick to.

Usually, we stick to the “One year Rule”, where if we haven’t worn it in a year its time to say goodbye. If it has been a full year and it still has the tag on it or we can’t think of what to wear it with, it goes in the donate pile.

Steal a friend who you trust for help with your closet purge!

The second pair of eyes will be helpful when you can’t decide between saving or tossing. You can also involve friends and host a plus size clothing swap after going through your closet!

Define your style.

Decide what your style currently is and make sure the pieces you’re saving fit within that style. What clothes make you feel the most you? If you went shopping right now would you buy this piece?

plus size clothing

Can’t let go? Stay organized. 

Sometimes clothing has sentimental value, and we can’t get rid of them. If your closet has the room for it- go ahead and keep those pieces. Just turn the hanger so that it hangs opposite the rest of your hangers. When you finally get to wear that item, turn the hanger to match the others. This way, next spring, you’ll be able to tell what actually gets worn.

Another idea to stay organized is the “one in, one out” rule. If you find yourself purchasing a perfect pair of jeans, donate or toss an old pair that doesn’t get worn.

Finally, organize all the remaining clothing by type or color. Your wardrobe should be now made up purely of pieces you love, and they deserve to be displayed well!

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