Transitioning your wardrobe for the changing seasons can be challenging for everyone. No longer do you need to layer up to keep warm, but there still are in-between weather days.

Follow our tips to make the transition from Winter to Spring in your wardrobe easy and fun! All of these helpful tips work perfectly for all sizes, from standard to plus size clothing!

plus size clothing

Choose your fabrics with purpose.

Though you can start to store your heavy coats, you still may need some warmth to get you through the day. Clothing that breathes but still has some weight is perfect for this time of year. Cotton, twill, leather, and suede are great to keep you toasty.

Slowly start to bring in some bright colors into your wardrobe.

Spring is all about fresh colors but this change shouldn’t happen overnight. Try some colorful accessories like a rich scarf or a vibrant bag. Bright sunglasses also add the perfect amount of color!

Keep your layers, toss the bulk!

While it may not be warm enough to just wear a tee by itself, try a cardigan for a light layer of warmth! This light sweater is warm enough to keep you from shivering but isn’t too bulky in case you end up tossing it on your arm.

Trade in your heavy boots for fun flats!

Gone are the days of frigid weather! Now you can finally wear cute flats to work! But don’t hide them completely! Booties are an alternative to keep handy, and you’ll never know when a pair of rain boots are going to save you from wet feet!

Build your wardrobe for year round use.

You want to be able to own quality pieces that will get wear no matter what the temperature is. Think about its use when purchasing clothing and make sure that your wardrobe works for you!

Use these tips when starting to plan your spring wardrobe and show us your favorite looks! Follow us on Instagram @belldini_la.