We’re women, which means we’re busy! Whether it’s a day in the office, shuffling the kids around town, or trying to complete a never-ending list of errands. No matter what the day holds, style doesn’t have to be sacrificed. Choosing an outfit that transitions from day to night gets you from the office to your plans without a stop at home in between.


We’ve compiled the best tips and outfits that make the shift from day to night effortless.





Choose Versatile Clothing

When laying out your outfit, choose pieces that you know you’ll be comfortable in until nighttime. Stick with colors that work easily during the day and evening like neutrals, black, grey, or white. These colors are perfect for the office and will match easily with a cute jacket or scarf later.


 Layer Like A Pro

Some pieces might be too trendy or casual for the office, but layering the right way can have you ready for a night out in minutes. Tops with cold-shoulder cut outs can be layered underneath a sweater or blazer during the day and shown off at night. A top like this one can easily be tucked in and worn underneath a blazer, and uncovered when you’re off the clock.







 Alternate Accessories

Your work bag might not be the perfect bag for a night out, but it might be the perfect size to hideaway a cute clutch for later. Switching up your accessories can completely change your outfit and mindset. Pack some sparkling jewelry or a bold jacket to add on to your look. If you have the space, you can always bring a pair of heels to easily transition your outfit from day to night.


Switch Up Your Makeup

Adding a bold lip or a sultry smoky eye can make almost any outfit nighttime-ready. Keep your favorite lipstick or a small eye shadow palette in your bag or desk to add on when you’re ready to head downtown. Change up the makeup you have on hand to match your outfit or the mood you’re in so your look is always fresh.