Achieving and maintaining confidence can, at times, feel like a never-ending roller coaster. While it’s normal to experience slight dips in self-esteem and confidence, you don’t need to let those feelings of insecurity affect your life and decisions.

Whether it’s how you feel about your physical appearance, professional ability, or personal assertiveness, here are five tangible ways you can build your confidence.




1)      Stop the Comparisons

It’s easy to want to compare yourself to those around you; however, remember that your focus should always be on you. Focus on becoming the best version of you possible. Buy that pair of boots that you love and make you feel excited; don’t buy them just because your best friend has them.

2)      Self-Affirmations

Start your day and end your day with a simple mantra, “I am beautiful. I am accomplished.” Remind yourself that you are amazing each and every day, because you are! Repeating a positive affirmation daily will start you off on a great foot in the morning and help inspire you to make daily decisions that align with your mantra and personal goals.

3)      Exercise

It may feel difficult to squeeze in time to exercise daily, but you don’t need to be at the gym for hours in order to experience the benefits of exercise. A light jog, an evening stroll, 20 minutes of yoga or playing outside with your kids… daily physical movement will benefit you in boosting your mood and energy.




4)      Focus On Your Strengths

We each have our strengths and weaknesses – don’t let your concerns about your perceived weaknesses affect your strengths. Continue building yourself and your confidence by emphasizing your strengths and giving yourself an opportunity to showcase those strong points.

5)      Fashion Statement

Confidence begins from the inside. However, how you look on the outside may influence how you feel on the inside. Dress to impress yourself. Wear that bold outfit or those statement accessories that allow you to feel like and act like the amazing person you know you are. Everything else will happen naturally – as you dress the part of a confident woman, you’ll make decisions that allow you to become one.