We use fashion to express ourselves, so why should we follow someone else’s rules?

At Belldini, we know that confidence is every woman’s best accessory. Confidence through fashion isn’t the same for every woman, so why should rules dictate how we all dress? We’ve come up with a list of five fashion rules that are made to be broken.



 You must dress for your body type.

Fashion isn’t about your size; it’s about dressing to feel your absolute best. Own your body shape and wear whatever makes you feel confident. You are never too short, too tall, too big, or too skinny to show off your shape and style.

Whatever makes you feel amazing is yours to wear.


Plus size women should only wear loose Clothing

Every woman reserves the right to wear whatever makes her feel beautiful. A tighter outfit will put your curves front and center and show off your beautiful body. If you don’t want to go completely body-con, an A-line fit is perfect to show off your shape. The tight fit around the bust and looser fit around the hips will lengthen your body and show off your awesome curves.

The only thing you should be wearing at all times is self-confidence.






Avoid horizontal stripes.

Long ago, someone decided that horizontal stripes are a no-go because they can make your body appear bigger. We absolutely disagree. Use stripes to your advantage. The contrasting colors can be strategically used to highlight areas you want to show off.Stripes are a perfect way to show off your bold style.

If you feel confident in stripes, wear them!


Tall Women Can’t Wear Heels

There’s no denying that heels can make any woman feel confident. So why shouldn’t tall women be able to share that confidence? Some women fear that being tall will make them seem less feminine, but we beg to differ. Your height doesn’t define femininity. Only you can define who you are!

Heels aren’t about looking tall; they’re about feeling your best whenever you choose to wear them.







Shimmer and sparkle can only be worn at night.

At Belldini, we’re all about making women shine. Don’t let this age-old rule keep your confidence from shining through all day long! A little sparkle is the perfect accessory for giving your look an edge. Compliment a metallic, sequin, or embellished top with a casual piece, like a favorite pair of jeans or leggings.

Remember, it’s always your time to shine!