Adding sparkle to your outfit is an instant way to feel confident and stand out, and we don’t think there should be a time limit on showing off your style. We’ve put together our best looks and secrets to keep you shining all day long.

1. Simple sparkle accents


Simple accents are a great way to let your personality shine throughout the day. These matching tanks and cardigans combine just the right amount of casual and sparkle. The accent sleeves and hem catch the light and add even more shine to your glamorous look.

2. Casual sparkle patterns


Geometric stud patterns are the cool new way to show off your style. The studs are a casual replacement for sequins that can be worn with any outfit. Match a patterned top with your favorite jeans or leggings during the day, and add on a structured jacket to shine on through the night.

3. Metallic with casual pants


Going metallic is a perfect compromise for adding some feminine sparkle without being too dressy or girly. Daylight will shine on a metallic top and increase the shine factor. A sweater like the one above balances out the metallic shine with casual solid sleeves. The longer back also makes it perfect to rock with leggings, leather or jeans!

4. Grommets


Grommets are a chic way to add some shine to a casual outfit. For women who aren’t all about sparkle but still want to stand out, grommets are the perfect solution. Tops with grommets along the neckline of a top will draw the eye up to your face. They’re cool enough to stand out on their own, but casual enough to accessorize to add just a little extra shine.